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Fall 2014 is going to be different than in Chicago’s past. That’s right. We aren’t preparing for hibernation, we aren’t gaining the winter 15, we aren’t walking around with dry, dull skin, and we certainly aren’t hiding behind styleless sweatshirts and sweatpants. Instead, our inevitably brutal Chicago winter will give us the chance to showcase some of the hottest cold-weather trends!  Follow our guide of dos and don’ts to ensure beauty and style upkeep this winter.


 Do make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF every single day.  Fall and winter are a complete waste of skin damage, considering you aren’t even getting color from these harmful UVA/UVB rays. Avoid this rookie mistake by applying a facial moisturizer that has sun protection every morning. My go-to moisturizer is Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All-Day Moisturizer, which contains SPF 30. It’s very lightweight, and contains antioxidants and is a fabulous hydrator.
Do drink lots of water, and eat as much food and fruits with antioxidants as possible. Drinking water hydrates your skin from the inside, and achieves levels of hydration that moisturizer cannot. Also, be sure to eat foods rich in antioxidants to decrease the risk of sun and environmental damage, as well as the “W” word (wrinkles).
Do make sure to keep your hair shining by using a deep conditioner twice a week. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask and Conditioning will give your hair the shine, bounce, and life it so desperately craves.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

DO be sure to use a primer each and every time before applying makeup this fall. A primer is a protective barrier between your skin and the makeup. Essentially, it ensures the makeup never actually touches your skin. We need all the skin protection we can get against the harsh temperatures and winds of Chi City. Nars oil-free primer will keep your skin looking luminous all day long, while keeping make-up on the surface and out of your pores.



 Don’t take long hot showers. They might sound like a desirable respite from the cold, but the hot water will severely dry out your skin and can cause fine lines and wrinkles, as well as breakouts.
 Don’t over exfoliate. If you think the answer to your dry skin is exfoliating it, you are wrong. Most of the dehydration of your skin comes from the inside, which makes drinking water and eating hydrating foods one of the top ways to keep your skin glowing once it gets cold. Over exfoliating can cause microscopic cuts to occur in your skin, which will lead to dry patches, flaking, rawness, and even breakouts and irritation. Use a light exfoliator (I recommend Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant) once a week in the shower.
 Don’t let those frequent winter coffee runs yellow your teeth. Be sure to floss twice a day, and I like to use a drop of hydrogen peroxide on my teeth one – two times per week as a natural whitener. Use a Q-Tip to apply it, let it sit on your teeth for 30 seconds, then brush.

DSC08458 DSC08498  DSC08515


Do invest in a few “WOW” pieces to carry you through the season, rather than stocking up on a bunch of average merchandise. For investment statement pieces, I suggest a pair of knee-high or thigh-high boots, an oversized coat, a comfy oversized sweater, a faux-fur vest, a knee length skirt, and a killer leather jacket.
boots   oversized coat   long skirt

Do invest in a colored or white leather jacket this season. While black will always be a staple, red and white leather is going to showcased by all of our A-list designers this fall.

white leather jacket
Do be sure to have some confidence. Make sure to be bold, play with various prints, mix & match colors, and work with lengths you aren’t used to. When in doubt, throw on one of your “WOW” statement pieces to turn you every day outfit into a head turning one.


 Don’t retire your white clothes after Labor Day. Winter white is back and bigger than ever. We’re seeing it all over the runway in jackets, accessories, sweaters and dresses…you name it.
 Don’t forget that accessories can pull together simple clothes to make an outfit. Fedoras, floppy wide brimmed hats, and felt baseball hats are a huge trend this Fall.
Don’t put away your summer pieces just yet. You can transition your summer clothes to fall by adding a chunky sweater and ankle boots to a maxi skirt or dress, throwing a leather coat over a summer blouse, and wearing tights with mini skirts or shorts.


With these tips you will be well prepared to avoid making those rookie cold-weather mistakes. Just because the weather is about to take a turn for the freezing, does not give you an excuse to let those roots get too deep, let your brows go a little crazy, or to stop hitting the gym. After all, nothing goes better with some tight leather skinny pants, knee-high boots, and an oversized sweater than hydrated skin, shiny hair, and a glowing face.

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you've lost that lovin' feeling

bradley cooper

It's happened to all of us at one point or another. That point where that one person you couldn't live with out, doesn't seem all that hard to live without anymore. When you're dating someone and you start to lose interest, 99 times out of 100, that feeling only grows. It is most definitely an exception to the rule when you make a recovery from starting to lose interest in your significant other, or a person you are just casually dating. Here are 8 signs that you or your significant other has started to lose interest.

1. You're not affectionate towards them. In private, or public...it is not your natural instinct to put your arm around them, kiss them on the cheek, or hold their hand. You don't hug them or kiss them when they get home from work, or after getting home from a vacation, and you are perfectly content sleeping on the opposite side of the bed for the majority of the night. 

2. Your mood is different when you are around friends and family than when  you are with them.

3. You make excuses as to why you can't hang out with them, or why they can't come with you to certain events. 

4. You've stopped fighting. Although this may seem like a good thing, it's actually not. When the passion is gone, you will stop fighting. While fighting everyday is a huge red flag, a good fight here and there shows you both still care about the little things in your relationship. 

5. They're iPhone password is harder to crack than The Da Vinci Code. There is a very fine line between the fact that you should never be snooping through your significant others phone, and if it isn't even an option to see their phone. They won't let you use their phone to make a phone call or text. 

6. Conversations about the future are avoided. One of you is ready to take that next step in the relationship- getting a key to their place, meeting their family, going on a vacation together, moving in, getting engaged, etc. however the conversation is somehow always put off. 

7. They don't really accommodate much for you. If you can fit into their plans, their friends, and their social life...then great. Doing something for you is considered a huge inconvenience and you feel as though they are doing you a favor. 

8. You still love them a little bit, and they've lowered their standards to accept the minimal love you are giving them. At this point, chances are you both have "lost that loving feeling." One person may be trying to overcompensate for the other's lack of enthusiasm toward the relationship, however once this happens, the end is ultimately near for both parties.

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Flavor of the week

Felted Zipper Dress by: Opening Ceremony @Shopbop

Shawl Collar Puffer Coat by: Vince @Shopbop

Staple Siya Cashmere Dress by: Theory @Shopbop

Imitation Leather Jacket by: Blank Denim  @Shopbop

Imitation Leather Jacketby: Blank Denim @Shopbop
Axen Hooded Coat by: BB Dakota @Shopbop

 Fall Off Sleeveless Coat by: NastyGal @NastyGal.com

by: NastyGal@NastyGal.com

Nasty Gal Courtney Crop Top by: NastyGal @NastyGal.com

I wonder if my fiance has picked up on my casual hint of throwing the Stuart Weitzman boots in every "flavor of the week series".... :) 
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coming soon...

Although the name, details, and website will be disclosed later this week, I will clue you guys in to what is going on! One of my best friends and I are starting a personal styling, personal shopping, and closet organization company. We will also specialize in beauty and fashion consulting as well as event planning and hosting. 

This company will not interfere with Celebritized in Chicago. My blog will stay exactly the same, and I will still be posting every day Monday-Friday. The two companies are in the same industry and will compliment each other very well! Check back later this week for a link to the website, I am very excited for you all to see. xoxo 


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