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Sale of the Season


Happy Tuesday

I am taking a 2 day vacation. The blog will resume this Thursday! Follow me on instagram @shanlakes!! Have a great day everyone xx 

Truth be told

leoanrdo dicaprio jonah hill

1. Your intuition is almost always right.

2. It's never too late.

3. Even if you don't see it now, you will see it in hindsight. Fact.

4. Always look people in the eye when you speak, it shows confidence, and can be the perfect amount of intimidation when needed.

5. What goes around comes back around, no matter how long it takes.

6. It's always the darkest before the sun rises...Nelly was on to something.

7. Be careful what bridges you burn.

8. The best is yet to come.

9. Someone can only hurt you as much as you let them.

10. Time will tell everything...

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