faux snake skin jeans

faux snake skin jeans

Since these pants are a change of pace from my normal black leggings or the very rare appearance of a basic denim jean, I tried to keep the rest of the outfit as basic as possible. A white sweater, black booties, and neutral colored sunglasses compliment the craziness of the pants. The pants are Blank NYC but I cannot find them in stores anymore :( Let me know if you have better luck than me, I would really appreciate it! xx 

faux snake skin jeans

faux snake skin jeans

faux snake skin jeans

faux snake skin jeans


winter pink

I have always been a huge fan of incorporating light colors into harsh temperatures. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean we need to lock ourselves in a room in dark baggy clothing while putting on excessive eyeliner and letting our roots get too dark or our eyebrows too bushy... Just like winter white, I have become a huge fan of "winter pink". I love pink sweaters, blazers, sunglasses, purses, you name it. A touch of color will make you just a little bit happier during the winter seasons. Check out some of my favorite pink fashion below. (PS if you can't see the "shop the post" sections on this site be sure to turn on your JavasScript on your phone and/or computer)

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5 winter skin tricks

Sleep on your back: Smashing your face into a pillow every night will cause permanent lines. If you notice, as you get older your sleep lines will take longer and longer to go away every morning. You can avoid causing fine lines and wrinkles by sleeping on your back and causing less trauma to your face overnight. While you sleep your skin cells repair themselves, so help them out by letting them breathe and not causing more damage. Sleeping on your side or stomach has been directly linked to wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, cheeks, and along the side of your face. 

Make working out part of your routine: Exercise is beneficial during all times of the year, but during the winter it is a necessity. Working out is not only good for you physically, but mentally as well. When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in your body. Also, remember just because you are hiding behind baggy sweaters and leggings during the winter doesn't mean the extra weight will come flying off in the spring/summer. Instead of constantly playing catch up, work on maintaining a healthy fitness level all year round. I started using a personal trainer one day a week, and doing a pilates/yoga class another day. Those are my set in stone work out routines of the week, however I try doing 1-2 days extra of 30 minute cardio a week wherever I can fit in the time. Having two set days a week of routine exercise built into my schedule makes me feel like any other physical activity I do during the week are just bonus points.

Avoid: Taking long, hot showers. This deeply dries out the skin and can cause fine lines to form as well. Also avoid over exfoliating. We tend to exfoliate to "get rid of" our dry skin in the winter, however over exfoliating can cause dry, dead skin cells to build up and become flakey on your face.

Drink wine: What? yes. Wine contains a powerful antioxidant resveratrol (found in red grape skins) which is known to prevent lines, wrinkles and other skin problems caused by the environment. 

Invest in a Clarisonic: This is my favorite Clarisonic {here} This device will give you the skin renewal, cleanse, and exfoliation you need to have the healthiest skin on the block. Use it in the morning and before you go to sleep for baby soft skin. 


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