Fall cookies

Fall cookies

In honor of October 1st I decided to combine two of my favorite things- cookies and Fall. Since I love Fall snacks and desserts so much, I am trying to have at least 1-2 ready to go in my kitchen at all times (on top of the bottomless bowl of candy corn that will be on my coffee table for the entire month). Next up is apple pie, homemade carmel apples, and a monster mix for Halloween. 

Fall cookies

Fall cookies

Fall cookies


Indian Summer

Who would've ever thought I would be wearing this dress on September 29th? (Yesterday) This was one of the hottest trends this summer...an extreme high-lo cut on a dress with an asymmetrical slant. This "Dawn Dress" by DeLacy {here} got lots of use this summer. I dressed it up to wear to a rehearsal dinner of my friends, but then  would also wear it  casually with flip flops to lunch. Since I was very anti-jeans all summer, comfortable maxis were on a serious rotation in my closet for the past 3 months. Shop the dress {here





pure michigan

Although I always love going to Michigan, nothing beats it in the Fall! After visiting the Franklin Cider Mill I am reading to engage in some of my favorite fall treats, regardless of this amazing weather we've been having. I am loaded up on apples to bake a killer apple pie along with my absolute favorite- apples dipped in caramel. Once the weather cools down I will get in my fall fashion pics with my go-to Pure Michigan backgrounds. xx


what's in my bag

Whenever I know I have a long day ahead of me, I always make sure to pack a bag with a few necessary (in my opinion) products. Sometimes when you're out in the city- an entire day can pass by without stopping home at your apt. Let me know in the comments section some of your must haves currently in your bag! xx

1. Water Bottle: It is so important to keep yourself hydrated all day long. Even when you're not thirsty you should still be drinking. Constantly drinking water not only keeps your body healthy, but keeps your skin glowing as well. Win, Win.

2. Mascara: You never know when you're going to need a quick fix to brighten your eyes.

3. Business Cards: Sometimes the most crucial interactions and forms of networking are completely unplanned. You never know when a business opportunity will pop up at a restaurant you are at, store you are shopping in, Bulls game you attend, etc.

4. Blush: I try to always keep blush with me but if you choose to leave it at home you can pinch your cheeks for about 20 seconds to get some natural color flowing through your face. (Just don't let anyone see you doing that, they may think you're a little weird)

5. Brush/Hairspray: This one is a given. If you're having a bad hair day simply wet your hair with water, brush it out, and control it with some hairspray.

6. Deodorant: Don't make me explain this one.

7. Sunglasses/Glasses: Squinting causes wrinkles!! Wear your shades & regular glasses whenever necessary.

8. Singles: Incase you decide to stop by a strip club. (kidding) I always keep singles on me for tipping, when you need to get quick change, etc.

9. Headband: I am constantly doing things that require me to keep my hair out of my face. (Easy...) I mean things such as working out, doing yoga, typing on my computer, walking my dog, and folding laundry. Since tight pony tails sometimes lead to headaches for me, a headband is a quick and easy fix. Also, if your hair is greasy, you can always wear a headband to conceal that you need to shower ASAP.

10. Lipgloss: Eyes and lips are the first two things people notice on you. Don't allow them to be chapped and dull.

11. Wallet: It's always important to have cash, a credit card, and a form of ID on you. 

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