ways to make a girl mad

leighton meester gossip girl

1. Following another girl she doesn't like on social media. And then going on to "like" their posts.

2. Tell them to "relax" about something that is a huge deal to them- or saying that you don't know why something is such a big deal, when in reality, you know exactly why it's a huge deal.

3. Call her a name.

4. Compliment other girls just a little bit too often.

5. Argue her on everything rather than just letting it go. So what if she's COMPLETELY wrong about what kind of car just drove by, or that fight she just got into with her friends. Let her win, let the little things go, and be highly selective of your battles.

6. Saying a joke that's not really a joke. "Your hair looks weird" "not that great of sex last night" "your butt looks big" "That girl is smoking"...Just kidding!!

7. Don't make her a priority. Put your friends before her. Devoting a weekend night to her is a "huge" deal to you.

8. Get mad at her for getting mad at you.

9. Don't make her feel special, ask her about her day, do little things for her, wine and dine her, etc.

10. Treat her in ways that are way less than she deserves, but get annoyed when she finally realizes it.

11. Don't take her side. (hint: you always take her side, even when you know she's wrong)

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pre-fall check list

Young Fabulous & Broke dakota jumpsuit

Young Fabulous & Broke Bryton Maxi Dress

The perfect transitional maxi: Young Fabulous & Broke Bryton Maxi Dress {here

Vince Asymmetrical Shearling Jacket

A leather (stylish) jacket: Vince Asymmetrical Shearling Jacket {here}

Stuart Weitzman Reserve Stretch Suede Boots

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Perry Tote

Enza Costa Cuffed Crew Neck Top

A cashmere sweater: Enza Costa Cuffed Crew Neck Top {here

Vince Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket: Vince Bomber Jacket {here}

Thakoon Addition Tweed Front Pocket Jacket

BB Dakota Lida Sweater Vest

A (fake) fur vest: BB Dakota Lida Sweater Vest {here

 Parker Warren Top

A one shoulder top (to pair with leather pants or skinny jeans): Parker Warren Top {here

Vince Addison Peep Toe Booties

Open-toed booties: Vince Addison Peep Toe Booties {here


prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

From the moment I walked in to Agnes O, I felt relaxed, at home, and completely taken care of. Agnes O is a one stop shop for all things beauty, spa, makeup, and hair located in the heart of the Gold Coast. The salon/spa is just a quick walk away from the triangle, Michigan Avenue, and all the hot spot hotels, restaurants, and boutiques of the Gold Coast and River North.  Sitting in this hidden gem, I felt completely surrounded by the core of the city, in one of the most upscale, prime locations the town has to offer. 

How many salons do you walk in to where you are personally greeted by the owner herself? Agnes was so welcoming and genuine, and her team reflects her personality directly. The Agnes O team (pictured at the bottom) is a true family, and you experience that from the moment you walk in the door. A hands-on and involved owner is a must have to a successful small business. She is caring, innovative,  and works everyday.  Agnes began training as a stylist at such a young age (14), and is constantly improving, educating, and evolving both herself and her highly trained, specialized staff. She makes sure each client is relaxed, and that all of their specific, individual needs are met. 

Two things that Agnes O offers that you can't find anywhere else in the city (you do not want to miss out on these!)

Airbrush makeup application: The airbrush makeup application has been known to last for up to 36 hours, looking just as fresh as the moment it was applied. The airbrush makeup has become an extremely popular choice for weddings, brides, and special events. The airbrush makeup is silicone based, which is extremely natural looking and will not clog your pores. 

Halo Hair Extensions: These are natural, comfortable, and affordable hair extensions. The halo hair goes all the way around your head, instead of starting and stopping in different places (which is what typically causes the unnatural look of extensions). The halo hair extensions are the perfect way to achieve a long, full, gorgeous body of hair. 

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

prettyquick pick: Agnes O

Exclusive tips and tricks from owner Agnes and the excellent team: 

1. Always use heat protection before blowdrying or using a flat or curling iron. This will prevent split ends, fly aways, etc. It will keep your hair looking smooth and healthy.
2. A 1 and 1/4" curling iron will typically get you the most natural looking waves.
3. Use dry shampoo 1-2 days after getting your hair done to extend the time of your hair-do.
4. California beach waves, braids, and high buns are three of the biggest hair trends of summer 2014.
5. Look forward to seeing pastels and more warmth mixed into hair colors this fall.

Be sure to book your next appointment at Agnes O for all things hair, spa, makeup, and beauty. Click {here} to book through PrettyQuick to receive off-peak pricing and major rewards! 


Free People Festival PIcks

Free People Festival PIcks

I am so excited to be working with Free People for the second time. The brand has consistently remained one of my favorites over the years. From sweaters, to overalls, to maxis, to feminine tops...my closest is flooded with Free People for each and every season. Especially Festival Season. This year I will be attending/covering Lollapalooza in two of my favorite Free People festival outfits. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until next week to see my "editors picks" however, below are 5 of my favorites. What I can tell you is this festival will not only be home to one of the best music line-ups of the summer, but it will also be full of braids, beach waves, top buns, maxi skirts, open maxi dresses, overalls, floral prints, flowy material, light colors, bellbottoms, floppy hats, body jewels/art, and metallic jewelry. Click {here} to shop the Free People festival selection featured in this post along with hundreds of other options. Make sure to tag myself (@shanlakes) and Free People (@freepeople) in your Festival Pick!


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